The Most Efficient Air Curtain is an Air Wall

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Waste treatment plants

Stop Smell, Dust & dangerous Oxides!


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Green Air

we stand for sustainability and environmentally friendly technology

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Innovative and sustainable

Even after twenty years of air-wall technology, our technology, which operates according to physical-flow laws of nature, is more innovative, more sustainable, and with 60% energy and up to 80% more heat saving than ever.
An ingenious system of fan and nozzle, which also works without hot air, achieves high efficiency with little energy.

Green Air

Innovativ und nachhaltig

Auch nach zwanzig Jahren Luftwandtechnik ist unsere Technologie, die nach physikalischen- strömungstechnischen Naturgesetzen funktioniert, innovativer, nachhaltiger und mit 60% Energie- und bis zu 80% Wärmeeinsparung zeitgemäßer denn je.
Ein ausgeklügeltes System von Ventilator und Düse, das auch ohne Warmluft auskommt, erreicht mit wenig Energie einen hohen Wirkungsgrad.

Our strengths – your advantages

Thermal separation of halls and refrigerated truck to maintain the cold chain
Shielding of dust, odors, chem. Substances and gases from clean air areas
Smoke barrier and insect barrier – even on large, sensitive gates
















up to 30% electr. Energy saving

“The energy footprint of an airwall system is comparable to a 3-liter consuming Ferrari,” says LWT CEO Peter Wiemann, “or with electric and hybrid cars that are very powerful, have good acceleration, but only more effectively and efficiently. The functionality of the airwall  is based physical natural law: thanks to a high blow-out impulse, it comes to high acceleration values, but requires little air and heat for this purpose. For energy-efficient and thermal foreclosure on building entrances, the LWT airwall installation adequately generates a powerful, fast air jet by means of perfectly installed fans installed in the system.


up to 80% saving heating energy

With an airwall system, you can save up to 80% on heating energy compared to an open door. Due to the high speed and the low blow-out volume of the airwall jet, only a small amount of air mass is to be heated. So the temperature of the hall can be maintained. Temperature loss and unpleasant draft are avoided. The air wall system can even function as additional hall heating to create a pleasant climate in highly frequented workplaces.


85% individual solutions

With years of know-how in the ventilation industry, we are able to construct your tailormade Airwall System. We’ve realized that there is not always a universal solution, so for most applications we need individual custom solutions. We work out every possibility for you and design and create your system. Our individual systems are in great demand because they are unbeatable in terms of design, function and efficiency !


100% engagement &satisfaction

Our team will assist you throughout the process! Not only distributors but passionate inventors, designers and planners, we are always looking for the next challenge. We are convinced that the resource air can do much more than previously tested. With our help, we are constantly expanding our horizons and testing more and more areas of application. We work with universities as well as with various institutes like the “Frauenhofer Institut” on innovative projects for constant innovation and quality assurance.