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By just applying physical laws of nature we can achieve great!

Peter Wiemann (LWT GmbH)

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LWT Luftwandtechnik GmbH

Our company once was founded because a big food chain tried to keep the intense smell of the fresh fish counter from the rest of the market, LWT GmbH developed the first effective airwall system for this purpose. Today, airwall technology has existed for over 20 years and is being continuously developed. The application possibilities of the technology are broadly diversified. The airwall system is used everywhere where the interior is to be sealed off from the outside area through open doors and gates. The larger the gate, the more efficient the airwall technology. For many years, our systems have been successfully used in industry, commerce and public buildings. Intensive research, patents and scientifically independent reports confirm development work and have proven that air wall technology can be used universally. In addition, LWT GmbH was selected in 2016 as one of the innovation elite “TOP 100” most innovative companies in Germany. The airwall system is often mistaken for air curtain systems. However, there is a fundamental difference in effect, design and technique. Our team of inventors, lateral thinkers and engineers always strives to meet any requirements. We specialize in air because we believe that elemental source is more powerful than one could imagine. Depending on the orientation and pressure, air may act as a stall, diverter, warmer, or cool function. To this date, we have completed numerous projects that have cost us time & sweat, but our tireless team finds the right individual solution for almost eyery problem! The air wall technology offers unlimited possibilities and applications. We will find with- and for you the right air wall system for your individual function!

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them!

Albert Einstein

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