compact airwall


LWT compact airwall separates outside & inside air powerfully and efficiently



The standard solution

for (almost) all cases

The compact airwall system enables the barrier-free separation of outside and inside air, of thermally different areas such as heat zones or cooling zones as well as of different odor areas. We have integrated our years of experience with flow technology and processes into the standards of our compact air wall systems. The result is small and compact and is in a functional-shapely housing. And on top of that, it’s anything but an assembly line item! Individually designed, the compact airwall system fits your needs and fits in a wide range of building conditions. With its low installation height, it does not place high demands on the environment – and rewards you with its high energy efficiency.

Cool Stop – Double pulse speed

This functional compact airwall system compresses the knowledge of our airwall technology in a highly effective manner in the smallest space. It occupies less space than ordinary air curtains but does much more because it operates at twice the speed of the pulse. For the operation of the air wall no heating is required. Itbreaks through the air zones and separates them without much energy. Thus, the high-tech system Cool-Stop generates higher efficiency on a significantly lower energy consumption and pays for itself very quickly. This is also ensured by state latest energy-saving EC technology.


This compact airwall system with its pressure modules on the side has been designed as a straightforward solution for entrance areas in markets. The external air partitioning is done with the latest EC technology, which permanently saves up to 40 percent electrical energy. In easy-to-install construction for the usual door widths, it offers a lot of high-quality technology and is calculated with a pointed pencil! Graduated prices make the market portal an attractive entry solution par excellence. It is ideal for chain stores who want to make their entrance recognizable. All RAL color combinations are selectable, and optional integrated lighting spots provide a bright, friendly look in your store.

Truck Air Wall

Our compact air wall systems for refrigerated vehicles help you to maintain the uninterrupted cold chain during loading and unloading. The air wall prevents the cold from falling out of the vehicle. Forget unhygienic short-lived plastic curtains that impede and slow down loading and unloading. 24 V vehicle electrical system voltage and a calibrated factory setting relieve your vehicle cooling system.

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