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What advantages does the modular design offer?

No matter what requirement you have, we offer you the perfect solution! Almost wherever you want a separation from different air milieus, the airwall will find your fit. Whether you want to be isolated from unwanted odors, heat / cold environments, dust, etc. – the LWT offers a master solution and optimally exploits space potential.

  • Optimal adaptability to your spatial conditions
  • Can be retrofitted at any time
  • Little space at the gate
  • Nozzle arrangement depending on the size and type of existing gates hanging up or standing sideways
  • Installation of the nozzle modules and the fan spatially separated
  • At start-up accidents only nozzle repair
  • Fan location arbitrarily selectable (inside / outside, top / bottom)
  • High energy efficiency: Use of the natural warm air stratification to warm the air wall and to heat the door areas

A couple of unique application examples


We are proud that our airwalls were also installed in the gigantic cruise ships of the MEYER WERFT. We hope that future projects are just as successful! Efficient air wall systems in the Royal Caribbean series:      

  • Quantum of the Seas
  • Anthem of the Seas
  • Ovation of the Seas

There are already more airwalls in planning for the next ships!

Airwall in airports

You did not know that yet? Planning & Air wall systems made by LWT! With the planning office Wiemann Planner, which still exists today, our managing director, Peter Wiemann, planned at that time beside other engineers at this beautiful airport. You can also admire some of our airwall systems in the entrances.

smoke protection in railway stations

Safe escape routes Intelligent smoke protection system

  • Areas of application: Public buildings, multiple residential buildings, commerce, industry
  • Safe escape routes during fire and smoke development (RDA)
  • Quick rescue thanks to the wall of air
  • Automatic system
  • Hallways remain free of smoke
  • Accessible
  • In combination with smoke extraction systems
  • Extensive tests

In the event of smoke, the airwall system activates the system’s over-pressure fan, creating a dynamic air-lock jet in the door opening, thereby keeping the air pressure generated, e.g. upright in the staircase. Corridors stay non-smoking and accessibility for quick and safe escape can save lives. The smoke transfer to higher floors is prevented. Such a barrier-free system technology in connection with a smoke extraction system is an effective option to safely and visibly enable the escaping passengers the way to the outside and to keep the building smoke-free. In the main fire station Mönchengladbach LWT airwall systems are already working to close the slide bar openings barrier-free and to prevent the penetration of the fire engine exhaust gases into the overlying lounges.

Odor protection in waste treatment plants

This special plant is patented throughout Europe for waste processing for odor and dust separation according to the 30th BImSchV§4 and has been given expert opinions. It consists of two air-jet nozzles with two fans, which can divide a large room so that the separation remains when passing through a transporter. Luftwandtechnik GmbH recognized the gigantic savings of an originally required structural lock early. By applying an airwall instead of an construction sluice you are able to save a considerable amount of money.

Innovation: more in one Airwall

Over 30% of the investment costs + 60% energy costs can be saved with this new technology, in which a single fan unit simultaneously completely shields 4 delivery gates in the different opening cycles against drafts, dust, insects, temperature differences, etc. Optionally, a hall heating function can be installed, so that the air wall takes over a large proportion of heating. A narrow and highly dynamic air core jet covers the entire door cross-section and thus seals off penetrating outside air barrier-free. Plastic aprons and elaborate mechanical door seals are a thing of the past. With closed doors, the system with low air flow acts as hall heating, which generates additional cost savings. Video: 7 gates by only using one system!

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