Why it makes sense to service your systems once a year?

In the long term, regular maintenance can ensure a flawless investment, minimizing outages and potentially saving expensive repair costs. Since we also offer maintenance and UVV tests in addition to commissioning, we as the manufacturer can best guarantee that our air wall system will achieve the desired long-term performance. You benefit from our decades of experience and all-round support from our service team.

your advantages:



• Realization of long service life with regular inspection and maintenance

• Regular cleaning and maintenance of the air wall system ensure trouble-free and long-term operation

operational safety

• Errors in function or operation can be detected early and remedied before the damage spreads

• Repositioning or replacing parts is just a phone call away


• Competent support over the entire life cycle of the plant

• If required, annual contact of our employees to arrange a maintenance appointment

• We will inform you in due time when the next appointment is due


We offer both annual and full maintenance contracts!


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