Special-Air Wall System

We also face special challenges with many years of know-how!


Our Europe Patent

Waste processing Odor separation

This special plant is patented throughout Europe for waste processing for odor and dust separation according to the 30th BImSchV§4 and has been given expert opinions. It consists of two air-jet nozzles with two fans, which can divide a large room so that the separation remains when passing through a transporter. Luftwandtechnik GmbH recognized the gigantic savings of an originally required structural lock early. By applying an airwall instead of an Construction sluice you are able to save a considerable amount of money.



Your advantages

Protection against: smell, gases, dust, polluted air

  • Fields of application: industry, distribution, especially waste processing, waste companies
  • Inert zones such as high bay / animal stunning systems – saves expensive “replenishment” of Co 
  • Up to 80% more powerful than conventional aircurtain Technology
  • Pleasant working environment
  • Certified technology: Expert report, utility model protection, EU patent
  • CO2 emission is opposed

Airwall in waste processing / incineration plants

  • High savings: Structural delivery locks are not required
  • Enormous space advantage especially for existing buildings
  • Full efficiency even in standing in the gate vehicles
  • No health hazard to the driver due to polluted air
  • Nozzle and fan separated from each other: in case of damage, only the nozzle is exchanged
  • Recommendation by the Federal Environment Agency
  • Odor barrier (according to BImSchV)


–  Effective separation from odors, smoke, CO2 & other harmful gases –

Where others stop, we just start!

There are applications for which there is no standard solution. We face up to these challenges with many years of know-how! Our in-house engineering and design office for planning, research and development goes “through the wall” for you. The LWT engineers and technicians develop with you your own solution – quite simply and above all energy efficient!

Our special airwall systems provide solutions for the following application areas:


Frozen section specialty


The special problem of a thermal separation arises in the range of frozen section openings, especially at high temperature differences to the outside air. Common problem is the fogging and icing with open TK doors. In this case, we install a double system in which the cold air in the area of the opening is forced back through an air wall system at a certain air jet angle. The same applies to the second air wall system for the hot air on the outside. On the hot side, it is advisable to create a pre-cooled and therefore drier air environment in order to keep the condensation as low as possible. This “boundary layer column” reliably avoids temperature losses.

Airwall system feat. heat pump

This compact airwall system in conjunction with a heat pump can be used in places where there is no heating that is too far from the heating supply line – or even if the heating system is too small to still supply the airwall system , In terms of energy, this air wall system is a product you have been waiting for.


Depending on the requirements, we equip our air-wall systems with ionizers for disinfecting the circulating air or the intake air.

Bioclean Kompakt-Luftwandanlage

Bioclean Compact Airwall

“Bioclean” The airwall plant as a germ killer in the food industry Ensuring the quality of the goods is very important to us! Advantages of Bioclean: • “filtered clean ambient air” • effective barrier for open delivery gates • perfect transport of goods • ensuring product quality • employee protection by preventing drafts • eliminating microscopic contamination • effective barrier to odors • effective alternative to unhygienic striped curtains • etc …


Glass Design

For special room design also glass modules are available, which direct the air transparently in the right direction, without changing the room massively. Here, further developments with light and design leave room for futuristic visions. The shop builder and interior designers have been waiting for this!

Light Effect Design


In addition to objective technical functionality, we also offer color and design possibilities with their own beauty. These can be used creatively or even fitted by a designer. Depending on the location, this can have a very positive effect on the (working) environment. The design can also take place in combination with light, sound, smell perception, aesthetics and spatial perception (for example, see glass module as a transparent, only indirectly perceptible separation of rooms) – the imagination is unlimited with these innovative, future-oriented air-wall systems – a sign of our time.


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